Storm Spatter

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Close your eyes and imagine if Jackson Pollack accidentally dried his favorite Storm Trooper shirt with jeans that has a pen still in the pocket. Whoa. Mind. Blown. Well, we took that fevered dream of a mad man and designed a badass shirt that brings together pop culture and neo modern classical cubism expressionist art.

This is art. But it’s not JUST art, it’s art at its finest designed to let you dress up or down to the classiest or the most casual of occasions. No longer do you have to go to snobby art show openings with some tasteless blasé shirt. Stand shoulder to shoulder, head held high, with those art snobs in your custom Jackson Pollack meets Star Wars inspired shirt. You’ll soak in the salty stares from your rivals as they look in envy at your killer shirt. They’ll be sweating in some 300 dollar plain merino wool sweater. That’s not you. You’re gonna be the center of attention with this shirt. Everyone is going to want to meet you. Even better, everyone is going to want to BE you! Hey, you might even get a couple offers to sell the shirt right off your very back. It’s that cool and artsy.

But it just doesn’t look cool, it feels good too. We took the ultimate comfort of a 70-30 poly cotton blend to give you the premium ‘this is my favorite t shirt that I wear all the time but can’t wear it out anymore because its got like 12 holes in it ‘ feel. That’s our definition of comfy. I don’t know what yours is but the only way this shirt could feel more comfy is if it were made out of soft chinchilla fur. And those shirts don’t even exist! (as far as we know) So this is probably the most comfy shirt you’ll ever don on your torso. And in return your torso will thank you by gifting you with a six or eight pack.

With this shirt you’ll have a six to eight pack and be the talk of your local art community. So put on your fancy velcro shoes, velvet blazer, and get ready to take the art world by storm!


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